Hydrangea Care

The potted hydrangea is popular for Easter and Mother’s Day. With good care it should last several weeks in the home.

Plant Care

  • Water is the most important factor in caring for a potted hydrangea. The large foliage and flower clusters use large quantities of water. Never allow the plant to dry out. Check the soil several times a day. If you plan to be away for a day or two, cover the plant with a transparent plastic bag so that it will not lose water so fast. This should not be done frequently or it will weaken the plant and increase disease problems. Do not allow the pot to sit in a pan of water for long periods of time. If the plant wilts, submerge the soil and pot in a pan of deep water, and allow it to remain until the soil ball is thoroughly wet. Drain thoroughly.
  • Bright light will help to keep the plant in good condition. Place it near a sunny window but not where it gets direct sun which will fade or burn the flowers.
  • Hydrangeas like cool temperatures. Move the plant to a cool room at night (50˚ to 60˚ F).
  • You may fertilize lightly using an N.P.K fertilizer for home and garden use about every two weeks.