Azalea Plant Care

Azalea Plant Care

Keepsake® Azaleas are living bouquets bursting with vibrant colors.

Fresh, elegant and exotic, the delightful floral display comes in a range of forms from a larger centerpiece pot or braided topiary to a smaller personal “just because” size that bring instant living décor to a home, workplace or outdoor gathering.

Keepsake Azaleas are the perfect fit for any occasion, or no occasion at all!

Florist Azaleas

These varieties are not hardy outdoors. Florist azaleas are easy to care for. They enjoy the same temperatures you do, or a little cooler if you have a choice. By following a few simple directions, your Keepsake Azalea will flower for a month or longer in your home.


  • During fall, winter and spring, plants can be kept in a sunny location.
  • During summer months, the plants should be placed out of direct sunlight to avoid burning the flowers.
  • Outdoors, place plant where it will receive partial shade. Morning light is preferred over hot afternoon sun.


  • It’s critical that you don’t allow your azalea to wilt. Wilting will shorten the time of flowering more than any other treatment.
  • Depending on the temperature and humidity in your home, you may need to water every two to three days. The important point is never to let the soil in the pot get dry. It should always be a bit moist. Water the plant by pouring 10 to 12 ounces of water into the top of the pot until water runs out the bottom. We suggest doing this over the sink. Be sure the plant is taking up the water and that it’s not just running through dry soil. The plant should feel heavier after watering.
  • Your azalea shouldn’t be allowed to sit in water for more than one hour.