Pot Mums Care

Pot Mums Care


  • Pot mums and Fleurettes will tolerate most light conditions in homes or offices. Bright, indirect light for half a day will give best results.
  • Avoid direct afternoon light which can burn the flowers


Mums will perform well at home and office temperatures. Longest life will be obtained at 60 to 65°F. Avoid setting mums on appliances that give off heat, such as a television. Also avoid placement near heater vents or drafty locations that can rapidly dry out the plants.


  • Don’t let your mum wilt. Every time a mum wilts, flower life is reduced at least one day.
  • Pot mums may require watering every other day, depending on temperature and light levels.
  • Water the pot from above until water runs out the bottom of the pot. Remove decorative pot covers and drain excess water. Don’t allow your mum to stand in water for more than a few hours.