Hydrangea - Decor


Leading European Genetics from the Hydrangea Breeder’s Association.

With rich and colorful globes of flowers, the Keepsake® Hydrangea is a bold addition to any home.

Available in a fresh spectrum of intense colors, these lovely potted hydrangeas have compact habits, sturdy stems and lots of full flowers. They also have an excellent shelf life indoors!

A popular gift for Easter and Mother’s day, with proper care these beautiful plants should last several weeks in the home.

Product FormAvailabilityPacked
4.5″ Hydrangea Single BloomEaster & Mother’s Day15
4.5″ Hydrangea Multi-BloomEaster & Mother’s Day15
5″ HydrangeaEaster & Mother’s Day12
6.5″ HydrangeaEaster & Mother’s Day6
10″ HydrangeaEaster & Mother’s Day64 per Rack or
2 per case
12″ Hydrangea Hanging BasketEaster & Mother’s Day48 per Rack or
2 per case